travelling songs

by gregg weiss

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with moggy on bass. recorded after we completed my 2008 tour of scotland. we won rob ellen's prize that season for most miles travelled on summer tour. not necessarily a good thing!


released November 29, 2011




gregg weiss club Savannah, Georgia

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Track Name: i usually buy the fish
i was walkin down the street just a pettin my potato
you look so good and sweet i said you want to see me later
you looked at me you looked around you said what are we going to see?

i wanted to tell you now i knew it couldn't wait for later
if i touch you with a crocodile will you help my alligator
it's all in the bag if you want to take a swim out by the sea

i usually buy the fish if the ice ain't melting
and my sneakers make a squishing sound if i walk in when it's raining
i can see by your smile that you got the right training

the sunset's in the bag i can see the at all now
reflecting up into the red from the heat of the old
concrete that's beneath our feet as the sun goes down behind the city

and every single morning even though we are alseep
it kisses the skin of the food that we be eatin when we
walk the ramparts in the summer evening with no wind or rain.
Track Name: tradition
the goal of the tradition is to tell you whats on
before you step out into the world on your own
and the traditional going out on your own is part of that tradition.

our parents tell us stories that they heard when they were children
from parents who heard stories from their parents when they're children.
to guide us in our choices as we build on the existing tradition.

where would we be if we never strayed from our path,
or it we never listened as well?
the side that we don't see when we lean too hard against the wind;
the engine gets a running, the cycle starts humming...

and we never see the truth.

the tendency to say that it's running away
and that all of our tomorrows are like our yesterday
the trouble with the life is the story that we love to unfold.

that human nature is to take without thought
that we've got to hold what's ours no matter what
that the strongest beat the weakest and the strongest are the greediest.
Track Name: beside me
if you want to walk that road with me
all we'll have is our faith in all the good that we can see

and you can sing any song might choose
i'll raise my voice right beside you

with you to walk beside me i'll be right by you
i'll watch over you and you'll watch over me
we'll be the team that never had to prove

i imagine that there's no more perfect world than this place. all we have of the hints of another just point back to our race.

and while we're living here, that's exactly how we do. the wisest of us tell it; we still got the one truth.
Track Name: fruit wine
if i wrote me a song for every minute
for every single day of my life
I'd have me a million songs that I'd have written
before you'd have become my wife.

the reason i find that kind of funny,
the reason it makes me sort of laugh;
is after all these million songs that i'd written
this is really the only one that i'd have.

we try so hard proving ourselves in this life
to every brother, sister, mom and boss and dad.
accept every assignment that is given.
bow to any reasonable demand.

now one might say that this ain't not some sort of good life
for any but the most naive sort of man,
but in a world where no one took unfair advantage
there would be no other reasoning.

I know i aint gonna find some truth for you
in this or any of 1 million songs.
no i ain't gonna change the way you feel about this world
even if i think you're feeling kinda wrong.

the reason i like being here with my baby
yeah, the reason that she chose my side
is though we're drinking from a different sort of bottle
we're still sipping on the same fruit wine.
Track Name: haymarket biscuit
i don't wanna tell you how it's going to be
onomon o bonopon o paic

honey, when you tell me that you can see above me... well you can't get tough all the way.

I can't tell you that it's saving me baby, but i don't want to see if i can do it. i ran into the wall the other day.

i'm tired to my bones and i can hardly tell it to my heart.

i feel like a fool when i get talking to you. watch my balance jump right out the window.

all you gotta ask is "who you trying to prove?"
and i'm gonna give an answer only a fool can do.

i feel the race inside my heart and then the
whole confusion starts and before i know it i'm falling apart. i didn't want the power but i gave it to you.

that's the story what the fool he can do.

next time you hear it well, you might get it right. you'll be the one who says "man, i've seen the light. no i won't talk to you sweetly but i won't talk to you mean, that ain't my right."

i've seen you face the world with your heart and i know that you ain't that hard. yeah, after all this talk that's really all that's got to've been important.
Track Name: desert girl
darlin i don't know where my mind goes.
all i know is everytime i catch my breath it seems like i've been somewhere else.
and i don't know how, but i know i'm going to share it because you must be told.

it's you i see shining.
it's you i see swimming like light.

cracklin cowboy boots are dancing
twirling and kicking
drawing the lightning on

this band rides high on miles of truth
and yours is the proof that they shine between them.

the time we spend together is a respite of the weather.

an eye inside the storm.

sail under zephyr's young star umbrella, m' zany yeller.

cause i don't think that you never know.
and i don't think that you never grow.
Track Name: sailor's walk
does it mean anything when i stand by your side?
do i walk with you when i stand by your side?

the price we pay i can't say but with these hands i'll do better than try

i'll love you
i'll listen to you
and i'll put my faith in whatever i do.

a sailor walks on distant lands
through the lengths he travels
he knows how to meet the sea's demands

and he knows the sea is in control
and he knows the sea does not know
the peril of the ship that's rolling

this chair creaks as i rock it on your floor
the pen scratches at paper
at my feet is your black dog

when i sing he closes his eyes
rests his chin upon my folded toe

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